The Rapid and Delightful Kotlin Web Framework

Alpas is a batteries-included, yet a modular, web framework for Kotlin with a very strong focus on developers' productivity.

The main goal of Alpas is to get you started quickly and enable you to move fast while letting you enjoy doing what you are the best at — crafting a delightful web app.

It is fun to build an HTML web app or an API only app with Alpas.

Simple, Elegant, Yet Powerful

Alpas strives to be simple and elegant and wants to serve you whether you have written JVM based web apps before or not. There is no xml or properties files to configure, no scattered annotations to memorize, and best of all — there is no huge learning curve to get started!


Alpas comes bundled with most of what you need to write modern web apps—authentication, mail, queues, notifications, fast and intuitive routing, powerful templating engine, intuitive social authentication, easy local and cloud file storage, —and yet, it remains flexible for you to extend it to make it more powerful than it already is.

We have sweated hand crafting the good parts, so you don’t have to!

Alpas is also very modular so you still have the authority to choose what you like and don't like. Create an HTML web app or keep it simple with an API only app, Alpas gets out of the way to let you take the control.


Alpas is extensively and meticulously documented; and, no, we are not just talking about code comments and hand-waving! We have put as much effort writing and updating the documentation as we have spent time crafting the framework, and we are proud of it!

The Alpas documentation has everything you need to get started and get going—including a full featured tutorial showing you how to write web apps from start to finish.

If you are more of a visual person and prefer learning by watching over reading, we also have a screencasts channel with a growing library of Alpas videos.

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