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Removing Sensitive Data From Git History

10 months ago

This article shows you some git commands to keep secrets our of your git history. Of course, if you are using IntelliJ, it does a pretty good job of letting you manage your gitignore list.

Adding validation when you code up webforms in Alpas

11 months ago

When you’re coding up a website, chances are, you’ll end up adding a form sooner or later. Whether it’s for a simple email newsletter signup, a registration form, or a contact form, webforms will likely make an appearance. And, you’ll probably be wanting to validate the entries users are typing in before writing to your database.

Sending emails with Alpas web framework - Part 2

11 months ago

Second post in the series on how to send emails with Alpas.

Sending emails with Alpas web framework - Part 1

12 months ago

First of a multi-post series. This article lays down the foundation of capturing an email and making it available to the Alpas back-end.

Kotlin for backend, is it that good ?

about a year ago

Hila Elkayam shares her experience writing a backend web app in Kotlin and makes some really good points on why you should give Kotlin a chance for writing a web app.

The concise web framework

about a year ago

Alpas is a concise framework. This blog post revises a previous one that showcases a Stripe payment example by showing how short, sweet, and powerful Alpas is.

We have sponsors! Alpas Updates, 30 April 2020 Edition

about a year ago

We’ve lifted our heads up long enough to realize that it’s been 5 weeks since our last Alpas update. Wow, time flies when you’re working hard!

Cleaver server provisioning and app deployment SaaS will be compatible with Alpas apps

about a year ago

Cleaver will be compatible with Alpas. This will make provisioning servers and deployments for Alpas apps insanely easy. Spend more time being an app developer and less time being a systems admin. ?

Accept a Stripe Payment Example with Alpas

about a year ago

Stripe has amazing tutorials to help you get up and running with payments. Kotlin and Alpas are a bit newer to the fold; this tutorial shows you how to apply the Stripe Payment tutorial to Kotlin and Alpas.

On a MacBook, should you use the left charging port or the right?

about a year ago

It turns out that the right port is actually better for charging. This post by username Adam in Apple StackExchange goes into more details about why it is better.