• After scaffolding the project, alpas serve throws an error.

/help/ Try building your app first by running alpas build command.

  • I get Error: Got unexpected extra arguments when running a console command.

/help/ Double check the command name and arguments. Make sure that the command is actually available by running alpas help first.

  • alpas help doesn't list the commands that I'm looking for.

/help/ Most probably because the service provider that actually provides those commands are not registered. Check ConsoleKernel.kt file and make sure the service provider is actually registered. If it is not, register it and then run the alpas build. The commands should be available now.

  • alpas migrate doesn't run new migrations.

/help/ Most probably because you haven't built the app after adding a new migration. Run alpas build to build the app first and then run the migration.

  • I'm stuck. I'm having other issues. I need to ask something else. I just want to hangout with cool Alpas devs.

/help/ Please join our Slack channel and say hi.

  • I found a bug. I have a feature request.

/help/ If you found a security related bug, please email us. For other issues and feature/enhancement requests, please open an issue on GitHub.